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Adaptive is a multi-platform, multi-screen app development and build environment that provides the right tools crafted for and by developers, designers and testers like you. We strive to build a better way to create HTML5 apps for mobile, web and everywhere.

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You will be our Founding Beta Hero and will have a limited edition badge and the admiration of the community.

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You will get early access to first versions of all our products that are not ready yet for public releases.

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You will be rewarded with a perpetual free quota for being a founding hero and an active beta user.

Be one of the 50. Are you feeling lucky?

Jailbreak your ideas

Jailbreak your Ideas

Your design sucks! Or does it? Share your designs and collaborate with your peers. 

Visually capture feedback, comment and review proposed improvements and test your mock-ups – make your app design even more awesome with our co-creative tools to help you get results quicker. Use your favourite prototyping tool – or use HTML directly – to produce your designs and then seamlessly import them into our platform to preview them on a multiplicity of device types. See exactly what your users will see. Now your designs will kick-ass for sure!

Hack code awesomely

Hack code Awesomely

Oozing with incredible ideas? Let them flow with our credible tools.

Skip the hassles of coding and building for multiple platforms, focus on your next cool world-changing app and not on getting your environment to work! Get code-assists, debug like a boss, put zest back into code test and preview your masterpiece on our integrated emulators. You can even share your app with your friends before releasing the final build and they can run it on their devices! Woohoo! Our tools are built by passionate coders like yourself and hardened and seasoned with the features code gurus need. Ready? Steady. Code! Chill.

Too sexy for one screen

Too Sexy for one Screen

Need your app everywhere? Shoot your code all over any screen. 

Breeze through the challenge of supporting multiple screens; glasses, watches, smartphones, phablets, tablets, netbooks, TVs or whatever. Emulate devices – pixel perfect – for each and every one of those form-factors; load up your app into each device type, see how it looks and feels, spot design issues early on, refactor quickly and get it right. Have we missed a device? You can provision support for new devices that don’t exist yet. Awesome, right? Satisfaction guaranteed on any screen.

Big Bang Build

Big Bang Build

Take the masochism out of compiling for multiple platforms. Use our amazing one-click-build. 

Why provision multiple fat clients to build for multiple platforms? This takes time out of what you really want to do. A single click on our tool will send your HTML5 project – along with all its CSS3, JavaScript and media assets – to our cloud-build service that will promptly deliver the compiled binaries for the platforms of your choice right to your mailbox. Be it ad-hoc, enterprise or public builds – we’ve got you covered; forget those whips and chains.

Distribute like an octopus

Distribute like an Octopus

You don’t need to be a contortionist to distribute your app using our platform.

Distributing apps to the different app stores can be a time-consuming pain unless you’re an octopus. If you’re like us, you have limited limbs and you don’t enjoy having to jump through hoops to get your app to your users. That’s why we’ve invested a lot of gray matter to make this important process easier. You shouldn’t be expected to be a digital contortionist to get your app out to the world. Good karma, zero tentacles!