Introducing Adaptive – Apps-As-A-Service

Adaptive is a multi-platform, multi-screen, cross-platform app development and build environment that provides the right tools crafted for and by developers, designers and testers like you. We strive to build a better way to create HTML5, hybrid and native apps for mobile, web and everywhere.

We at Adaptive are working hard on everything you need to design, collaborate, develop, build, distribute and monetize your creations – whatever size your team, whatever magnitude your idea. We want to help you make it and want you to help us make it too. Let’s embark on the journey together.

With Adaptive you get the all tools you need for local development and collaboration with third-parties (wherever they are on the ‘net) as well as all the power of a cross- and multi- platform build farm on the cloud. Pay-As-You-Go for everything As-A-Service that fits every budget. Splendid, right?

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